I too have a love story: The search (Part 1)

What do you call the thing which keeps on coming back no matter how deep you bury? We will see… “Hey Sandip, how are you buddy?” one of my schoolmates bumped into me in the local market. I was trying to ignore him. Buried my head in the ground, gazing at the sky trying to... Continue Reading →

I too have a love story : The Crush (Part 2)

05-March-1973 “Human being is the creator of his own destiny. Is it?” Today is my ”Social  Science” paper.  My dad dropped me at the examination center, but my bad luck had arrived much before. “Vivek was saying that more questions will be from organic chemistry”, Deepak passed on a forwarded message. “OK. But let’s concentrate... Continue Reading →

Sorry is so difficult

I am a techie. Mostly busy with meetings, technical lectures, project designing and all. My home is the 16 square feet office space but whenever I need to breathe free air, this is my address.  Watching the sunset, sitting on a park bench, fills me with new energy. Generally, I visit here when I am... Continue Reading →


In my childhood, we use to enjoy our summer holidays at my grandparent’s place, in a small village. My younger brother and I are the best friends. We come up with new ideas every day and the story is about one of the ideas. This time we wanted to go fishing. So as planned, we... Continue Reading →

Divine feast

It has been a week now in this town with my new job. Except food, slowly I am getting myself adapted to. Hotel/restaurant food is tasty but upsetting my pocket as well as my stomach. So I have left with no options than to cook myself till I find a cook at least. My new... Continue Reading →

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