I too have a love story : The Crush (Part 1)


Three new students (Two girls and a boy) joined our class.

“… After about 300 days, you have your board exams. So you know the fact very well… that the new joiners are bit late. Please help them catch up.” Our class teacher ended up introducing.

A few days later, one of the girls opened a conversation.

“Hi! Sorry I don’t know your name.” Shrestha made the ice breaking move.

“Hey Shrestha. My name is Sandip.” I replied.

“You know, I joined a few days ago. Can you please help me with the studies?” She came to the point.

“I would love to but…. but you should have approached Vivek, he is the first boy of our class and I am… you see… is not like him… an average student to be precise. With my notes I am unable to help myself …. How could… you know…” I know I was stupid but this is what I am.

“I did give it a try. He was unwilling to help me and making excuses. If you have no issues, can you come over to my place this Saturday?” Shrestha replied.

I did help in the best possible ways taking time to refine my understanding so that it can be presentable.

After a few weeks, we were good friends. I don’t know when, but I started liking her. Now it had become a routine to find excuses to spend time with her.

One day, I found one of my classmates, Deepak, is surrounded by a group of guys.

“Don’t waste your time, career is important. Work hard now, this is the time”, Vivek was playing dad’s role.

“Stay away. I warn you”, Anil’s clenched reply.

As soon as they are gone.

“What happened? Did you get caught while puncturing his bicycle tires?” I asked

“Nah! Not in this lifetime.”, Deepak’s reply was frustrating.

This guy is about to lose a couple of teeth now showing attitude.

“Then… Why were they giving you tuitions for free? I asked, bit angry.

“I thought Vivek is my best friend and went to discuss something with him but he called others and made fun of my innocence”, heartbroken Deepak replied.

“From when did you start taking studies so seriously? Cough it.” I was aback.

“It’s about Shrestha.” He took no time to make my eyes wide open.

“What?” Did I hear right?

“I like her from the day one. It was like love at first sight. My fault is that I disclosed the same with Vivek.” Deepak completed the story of nearly a few weeks in one sentence or two.

“Do you know exactly how many days left for our board exams? Who are you? An average guy, who got just the passing marks in Mathematics last year that too copying the 5 marks answer from me. And… and.. Why Shrestha would take any interest in you? You never ever had a word with her. Man, it’s time to study hard, make your career first.” It came too fluently to me.

That day I realised that it’s easy is to preach others, when there is no one to demand your experience certificate on that topic.

“By the way is the machine also interested in her?” I asked for Vivek.

“Not Vivek but Anil”, Deepak still in recovery phase.

Anil is a devil, nobody messes with him. I don’t want to go home with a black eye to my home after school.

So many times I wished to confess my feeling for her, to her but never did because I don’t want to lose a good friend. I have never felt the same vibes from her, if I am true to myself. So many times I wanted to share my thoughts about her with Deepak. Thank God, I didn’t else the victim’s name could have been Sandip. It’s good to keep your feelings with you if you want to keep a secret, secret.

Analysing all the facts, I determined to postpone my confession schedule till the farewell day which is celebrated post board results. The rule was simple, if she says yes, no one will be there to break me and by any chance, if her answer is no, there would be no one to laugh at me either.

Can everything happen as planned? If everything can be staged, it can never be called life.

(To be continued …)

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