I too have a love story : The Crush (Part 1)


Three new students (Two girls and a boy) joined our class.

“… After about 300 days, you have your board exams. So, you know the fact very well… that the new joiners are bit late. Please help them catch up.” Our class teacher ended up introducing.

A few days later, one of the girls opened a conversation.

“Hi! Sorry I don’t know your name.” Shrestha made the ice breaking move.

“Hey Shrestha. My name is Sandip.” I replied.

“You know, I joined a few days ago. Can you please help me with the studies?” She came to the point.

“I would love to but…. but you should have approached Vivek, he is the first boy of our class, and I am… you see… is not like him… an average student to be precise. With my notes I am unable to help myself …. How could… you know…” I know I was stupid, but this is how I am.

“I did give it a try. He was unwilling to help me and making excuses. If you have no issues, can you come over to my place this Saturday?” Shrestha replied.

After a few weeks, we were good friends. I do not know when, but I started liking her. Now it had become a routine to find excuses to spend time with her and such things do not go unnoticed.

“So you have a new friend?” Deepak asked me.

“I am helping her to catch up with studies.” I replied as if many girls are trying to get my attention.

“Yes, she is sweet, intelligent and seems polite also. But why are you not helping the other two as well?” Deepak looks suspicious.

“See, the other two are more intelligent, they knew my level in studies.” I replied and we laughed with mutual understanding.

“You know many boys are.., you know…, like her and … want to impress her. Want to be friends. Vivek is also interested and …” Deepak hesitated a bit but continued “and he said that why on earth someone like Shrestha would make you her friend?”

I was stunned on hearing the truth right on my face. I had no words. The silence gave Deepak some time to recollect the spilt beans.

“I mean, if I were at her place, I would pick someone from the top 5 so that I can do better in my studies. But… but that proves that she is different and not make friends for benefits. Right?” Deepak was right and I knew it.

“Right. She is different.” I replied but could not get the reason. Is Deepak here to show me the mirror about my studies or he wants to get introduced to Shrestha through me?

“I like her, can you please introduce me to her?” Deepak was disgusting.

“If I am average, you are below average. We should focus on studies and not on all these things…. “. For the rest 15 minutes I was preaching Deepak the truth and art of living. Preaching is always easy, but practicing is not.

Whatever I said to Deepak, I realize that people will judge you by results. So, first I need to do well in the board exams, I must be among the top 3 students. Second, I will have to wait for the farewell day to propose her.

Why Farewell day? Because this is the last day after the board exam result. Whatever she answers, none will ever know. Failures should be always private funeral, only you should know about it.

(To be continued …)


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