In my childhood, we use to enjoy our summer holidays at my grandparent’s place, in a small village. My younger brother and I are the best friends. We come up with new ideas every day and the story is about one of the ideas.

This time we wanted to go fishing. So as planned, we borrowed uncle’s fishing stick, forced my grandmother to make all the necessary arrangements for the day. I had some idea about the location of our pond but as I got closer, all looked very similar. I noticed a man in a nearby field. I decide to ask him for help.

“Uncle… Uncle… Do you know Harish uncle’s pond?” I asked.

“Oh! So, you are his nephews. The one which has date trees all around is your uncle’s. That one.”, He pointed towards the location.

“What are you doing here? Are you also here for fishing?” My brother has so many things to ask.

“No, no fishing.” He smiled looking at the fishing rods in our hand and continued “My goat went missing, I came here to find her.”

“You didn’t carry a binocular. How will you be able to find her?” my brother has a good stock of “How” and “Why”.

“See, I have these green grasses with me, I’ll call by her name and show this grass. She like it very much. She will turn up soon.”, the man replied sweetly.

I  was 10 or 11 that time, I could not make out if he is telling the truth or just kidding with us but my brother looked  convinced.

We reached our destination and started our work. Almost one hour gone but we could catch nothing. All of a sudden my brother began to yell “Fish… Fish… See we have lots of breakfast with us, come to us”.

I approved the idea and joined him. Another hour gone, but still no luck. With a heavy heart we returned home. My brother went straight to our grandfather to tell the story. I went to the kitchen to get some water. It was a tiring day. I saw a raw fish there, probably mom is going to cook it soon. I began to play with it and a thought came to my mind.
I run straight to my brother “I got it. Why we could not catch any fish today? “

“Why?” my brother was again curious.

“See we called them but still they did not appear. It’s because they don’t have ears.” I smiled and show him the fish I brought with me.


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