I too have a love story : The Crush (Part 2)


“Human being is the creator of his own destiny. Is it?”

Today is my ”Social  Science” paper.  My dad dropped me at the examination center, but my bad luck had arrived much before.

“Vivek was saying that more questions will be from organic chemistry”, Deepak passed on a forwarded message.

“OK. But let’s concentrate on Indian history”, I said firmly and took out my notes for last minute revision.

 “Today we have Science…. Take out your admission card and please borrow Vivek’s spectacles. And lastly.. You are doomed.” Deepak was not kidding.

The news went all over and the first time I felt what public humiliation appears to be.

Dad was probably the last one to get the news.

“Don’t donate your books to your juniors. Rather ask them to secure a seat for you.” Dad was convinced that I had to repeat class 10th.

The efforts I put in the last 60 days before my board exams was appreciable. No Play, No friends, No movies but study. The goal is to crack it big.

Time flies. When my friends got themselves enrolled for next sessions in private coachings, I was waiting for my results. This is the time when students determine which field to choose, their career path but I was clueless.


The results were out. Dad went to school to collect mine. There were 60 students who appeared in the exams. Deepak was first and between him and me, there were 55 students.

Sometimes the grown up reacts unexpectedly.

“Glad that you passed. Sometimes results are not important but the process. The way you worked hard I want you to continue the same. Whatever you do, do remember, you are our son, and we love you. This is not the end but can be a new beginning.” Dad took me in his arms.

This is the first time when I realised that family comes first. Your parents are actually God’s wonderful creation. When everyone denies, they give you hope, the strength to fight and win.

I took out some photographs of Shrestha and tore it into pieces. You have to be worthy in front of yourself first before proving the same to the world. I did not attend the farewell party. Shrestha was a good chapter, but life is a book. She moved to a different city, and I moved on. May be God knows what I deserve and most importantly “when”.


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  1. Beautifully written, with a sense of humor and reality……wonderful narration….couldn’t stop laughing and smiling the entire time I was reading…Infect for the second part…i have read the first one also….Keep writing…

    Liked by 1 person

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