Divine feast

It has been a week now in this town with my new job. Except food, slowly I am getting myself adapted to. Hotel/restaurant food is tasty but upsetting my pocket as well as my stomach. So I have left with no options than to cook myself till I find a cook at least.

My new address is a small house, old fashioned but meet my requirements as of now. The house has an entrance gate, on the right my reading cum drawing cum bed room, on the left there is a kitchen.  A few steps ahead, there is another door that opens to a open space inside the boundary itself. There are two taps, one is for fresh water supply from the municipality, 6:15 AM to 6:30 AM is the time. Another is connected to overhead tank. Another weird thing, there is no sink available in the kitchen.

My landlord made it very clear in the first meeting “Don’t clean used utensils inside the kitchen, it blocks the drainage system. I know you won’t listen to me, but they take Rs.200 to clean the mess and I won’t pay this amount.”

I was also not interested to drill another hole to my pocket. Once I am done with any utensil, I made it my habit to dump that under the tap outside.

“Anyone can cook”, the youtube channel where I started learning mixed vegetables after cooking daal (pulses). After some time, the aroma of the spices filled the kitchen.

“Cooking nowadays is not much difficult but time consuming.” I thought. I was in my thoughts when I someone dropped in.

“Who are you? What do you want”, I was irritated, that guy didn’t bother even to knock before entering.

“I am the messenger of God and …”. He was answering but..

“I am no follower of Ram Rahim Insaan. Please leave.”, I took no time.

“I am not either. I am sent here by Lord Indra (King of devas)”, he replied in a convincing voice.

“Well, Did I die?” I didn’t make out the reason.

“No.” the messenger replied.

“Then? I am in no mood for nonsense.” I wonder what’s the motive.

“The aroma of your cooking has reached the heaven. The God wants you to do a favour by cooking for them in the feast.” He replied and soon a chariot appeared from nowhere.

“Wow! I take this honor. Let me take some important spices with me.” I started packing by bag.

We reached the heaven almost immediately. It seems to be a huge feast, all were present.

I was greeted with such an affection that I had never witnessed before. The king of God himself came to welcome me.

“You are now in charge of the divine kitchen. We know the smell of your cooked food, everyone here wants to taste it. It was due to heavy demand, you are brought here.” Lord Indra’s praising voice was making my inner chef grow bigger and better.

Soon I finished cooking. The aroma has already spread my cooking talent but I thought to invite Lord Indra myself.

I was so excited to share the news that words are not coming out from my mouth. I took a deep breath, and was about to invite Him but a loud voice killed mine. I tried again but someone doesn’t want me to speak but Why?

I paused and listened carefully. It seems someone is calling me by my name.

“Oh God! I was dreaming”, I came back to my senses.

The vegetable I was cooking is about to sign a lifetime bond with the frying pan but I saved it just in time.

“Ranjit..” My neighbor yelled again.

“Yes, coming.” I yelled back.

“A dog came out of your house. Check if that creature has done something nasty”, my neighbour spoke with concern but his eyes were searching for something that could make him happy. This is human behaviour, you are happy if you are not in trouble, but happier if someone else is in.

I don’t want to give him any chance “You need not worry, everything is fine.”

I closed the door and searched if the dog has really did anything that need to be clean up soon. I was happy that nothing was found. Suddenly, another thought strike my mind “Did it eat anything? My lunch?”

I went straight to the kitchen to find any sign of its presence, then I went to the tap area where I put the used utensils. I did find some paw prints but could not make out what it did there.

I was hungry now, so I gave up living Sherlock Holmes.  I put everything on my plate and took the first bite. I wanted to feel the taste, closing my eyes as done my Master chefs on TV but could not swallow.

“Yuk! It’s a disaster” I kept my plate aside.

I cannot explain the taste or rather say I don’t want to explain the taste, but if you put one bite to even a dead person, he too will buy some time from the God just to slap you hard.

Soon I realized that cooking is not my cup of tea but technology is. I took my phone and scrolled down to “Food Panda”.

Anyone may not cook, but anyone can order.


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